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1505/24/2022 by AugustSourn


Breakthrough - song notes 

‘Breakthough’ is an expression of hope out of hopelessness because, ironically, a time of breakdown holds the greatest capacity for a breakthrough. Dobs: ‘When I wrote these lyrics, I had split up from my girlfriend - who later became my wife! James suggested I write break-up lyrics but I wanted to find some positives. The shift in perspective while writing it changed my life. Recently we reworked the recording with a record producer friend who works next door to James, Pete Glennister.’
Breakthrough has been licensed for TV commercials (Nicorette, Philips, North West Airlines etc.) and movie trailers (Run Fat Boy Run, Paris) and TV (HBO, Comic Relief) etc.
A video collaboration for 'Breakthrough' followed with Hollywood animator Kel Nelson and his team of volunteers, who have a raft of feature film credits between them. This video was made as a labour of love over many months out of sheer inspiration!
'I came across (the music which) genuinely moved me...I was so inspired by the level of excellence they put forth, that I wanted to do a video to match the calibre of music I was hearing. But, what's more, I wanted to do it in the same spirit as Dobs and James when they created this album. I wanted to create a masterpiece of 3D animation that told the story of conflict, chaos, change and ultimately resolution and unity.' -

into 2011 

 Dobs has new twin boys, that's 3 now, phew! Dobs has sensibly moved into a garden studio. Dobs and James are godfathers to each other's kids. James has record companies banging down his door to mix for them after his No.1's with Tiny Tempah, and hits with The Saturdays, Pixie Lott, The Noisettes etc.
We have written a new Public Symphony track, if only we could find time to produce and mix it...

Song focus: STRONGER 

 Song focus: STRONGER

Too late for this year's London Marathon, I have been editing this down to offer for TV montages at The World Cup, for those breathless high-altitude challenges!

First broadcast for the University Boat Race, ‘Stronger’ is an anthem about endurance in the face of hardship. I was a Cambridge oarsman. Rowing taught me all about pushing my pain threshold and learning to live at my limits every day, which has equipped me for times of stress. I wrote this song to inspire a friend who was very low. It was also the first co-write with James who gave me some chords to write a top-line. The song has been featured on Comic Relief, adopted by various charity compilations and won an award in the International Songwriting Competition.

The video for Stronger, created by Canadian animator Theodore Ushev, was based on his award-winning animation ‘Walk On By’ and was a collaboration fulfilled purely over the internet. The video follows Everyman’s journey through life’s ups and downs. It gives perspective. Theodore followed this up with an extraordinary animation for another song ‘White Dove’. Watch via the video page. 

Lyrics for STRONGER (Words D. Vye)

Miles and miles ahead to go
Rain may pour and wind may blow
Higher mountains you will climb
Go on
Taking one step at a time
Come on

Though your weary body ache
And though you ask what it will take
And though your head keeps saying no
The more you tread the more you grow
The more you know
Breathe it out and breathe it in
And don’t give in
Don’t give in

Miles and miles you will have been
Mountain views you will have seen
And though it felt like a bitter pain
Come on
All you had you had to gain

Strong, getting stronger
Pain, pain no longer
And so, still you grow

Breathe it out and breathe it in
Breathe it out and breathe it in
And don’t give in
Don’t give in

Give it all, give everything
Give it out and don’t give in
Breathe it out and breathe it in
Breathe it out and breathe it in
Breathe it out and breathe it in
Breathe it out and breathe it in

Before you know it, you could win

Song focus: WINGS 

 Song focus - WINGS is rather appropriate for Easter, says Dobs:

Our album begins at the end – the need for ending. Or a new beginning. Maybe ‘Wings’ could have been placed at the end of the album, but the sequencing flows only up from its lowest, broken point.
Being close to that point was a period of epiphany for me which made me stronger. Hope springs.
But seeing loved ones lose hope through infirmity or old-aged loneliness is hard to square with a hopeful outlook. ‘Wings’ is that call for the need to finish, or somehow to re-begin.

I met co-composer David Lowe at TV music events as he had composed the BBC News music and I had composed the Sky News music. I told him I was looking for musical sketches to inspire seeds for Public Symphony songs and he played me a bunch of music cues. These string chords began life in a poetry TV series, and I loved the feel, so I took his samples and Logic arrangement away with me to re-work.
The angelic soprano guest, Natasha Marsh, became my wife.

WINGS (Words D.Vye)
I am spent I am down
I am lost and if I’m found
Heal me heal me
My heart sings for no things
Give me light
Give me wings
I am worn I am torn
Give me end give me dawn
Take me take me
My heart sings for such things
Give me light
Give me wings
Give me wings

New youngest fan 

 Harley William Vye became Public Symphony's youngest fan on 17.12.08 weighing 8lb 4oz. But Harley was already familiar with dad's album prior to making his appearance, with Fill Your Sails being his fave track. Mum had a swift labour with Stronger on her labour CD: 'Breathe it out and breathe it in and don't give in....'

See the Mail On Sunday pics and article by clicking on this link

Harley Vye hums Breakthrough on his birthday

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