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PUBLIC SYMPHONY [autographed original album CDs]
  • PUBLIC SYMPHONY [autographed original album CDs]
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The self-released eponymous debut CD was critically acclaimed:

'A trip to Dreamworld' 4/5  Mojo
'Actually bottles human spirit' 4/5 The Knowledge
'A Pink Floyd for the Coldplay generation' 4/5  The Works
'Lush, uplifting and self-released'  Critics' Choice album of the year   The Times
'It really is a beautiful record...Records this good, this affecting, don't come along very often.' 8/10  Classic Rock
'Expansive. Uplifting. Tremendous.' 5/5  Get Ready To Rock
'Winner of Album Of The Year and Group Of The Year' UnsignedMusicMag

1. Wings
2. Stronger
3. Breakthrough
4. Touch
5. Rise & Shine
6. Children Of The Heatwave
7. White Dove
8. I Do
9. Anything Is Possible
10. Fill Your Sails
11. Epilogue

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