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I Do ('inspre' album re-master)

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I DO (Words D.Vye)

I’m heading on a journey to as far as I can see
And what I’m hoping for now is some ideal company
And do I have a preference for who would walk with me
Do I have a friend with whom I always want to be?
Well yeah I do
It’s you

The route we go may look easy though most of it may rise
It’s bound to be more up and down than I can visualise
With whom would I celebrate and wonder at the highs
And who would be my soul mate still when I’m reduced to size?

Win or lose
It’s you I choose
I do

And surely I will follow you to where I wouldn’t go
Experience a world that otherwise I wouldn’t know
So who is it in whom I trust and put my faith alone
Do I think there’s one who may consider me also
Well say I do
It’s you I choose
Well say I do
I do
I choose
Yeah you
I do