Breakthrough - song notes

‘Breakthough’ is an expression of hope out of hopelessness because, ironically, a time of breakdown holds the greatest capacity for a breakthrough. Dobs: ‘When I wrote these lyrics, I had split up from my girlfriend - who later became my wife! James suggested I write break-up lyrics but I wanted to find some positives. The shift in perspective while writing it changed my life. Recently we reworked the recording with a record producer friend who works next door to James, Pete Glennister.’
Breakthrough has been licensed for TV commercials (Nicorette, Philips, North West Airlines etc.) and movie trailers (Run Fat Boy Run, Paris) and TV (HBO, Comic Relief) etc.
A video collaboration for 'Breakthrough' followed with Hollywood animator Kel Nelson and his team of volunteers, who have a raft of feature film credits between them. This video was made as a labour of love over many months out of sheer inspiration!
'I came across (the music which) genuinely moved me...I was so inspired by the level of excellence they put forth, that I wanted to do a video to match the calibre of music I was hearing. But, what's more, I wanted to do it in the same spirit as Dobs and James when they created this album. I wanted to create a masterpiece of 3D animation that told the story of conflict, chaos, change and ultimately resolution and unity.' -

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