Song focus: WINGS

 Song focus - WINGS is rather appropriate for Easter, says Dobs:

Our album begins at the end – the need for ending. Or a new beginning. Maybe ‘Wings’ could have been placed at the end of the album, but the sequencing flows only up from its lowest, broken point.
Being close to that point was a period of epiphany for me which made me stronger. Hope springs.
But seeing loved ones lose hope through infirmity or old-aged loneliness is hard to square with a hopeful outlook. ‘Wings’ is that call for the need to finish, or somehow to re-begin.

I met co-composer David Lowe at TV music events as he had composed the BBC News music and I had composed the Sky News music. I told him I was looking for musical sketches to inspire seeds for Public Symphony songs and he played me a bunch of music cues. These string chords began life in a poetry TV series, and I loved the feel, so I took his samples and Logic arrangement away with me to re-work.
The angelic soprano guest, Natasha Marsh, became my wife.

WINGS (Words D.Vye)
I am spent I am down
I am lost and if I’m found
Heal me heal me
My heart sings for no things
Give me light
Give me wings
I am worn I am torn
Give me end give me dawn
Take me take me
My heart sings for such things
Give me light
Give me wings
Give me wings

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